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Medical Practice & Diagnostics

As a certified translation service specializing in Life Sciences and Healthcare, we have been dedicated to assisting healthcare professionals and patients for numerous years by providing precise translations of medical reports, diagnoses, findings, evaluation forms, and laboratory records. When needed, these documents can be officially certified.

Leading in Medical & Hospital Management

Experience our mastery in the precise translation of vital documents, encompassing personnel, patient, and resident administration, financial and accounting records, procurement, and material management. We also excel in translating captivating image brochures and annual reports, reflecting our core expertise.

Pioneering Medical Research & Education

Diving deep into our expertise, we excel in translating scientific papers and research findings within the fields of medicine and pharmaceutics, such as clinical studies, dissertations or related book publications. We will be happy to advise you on your personal translation project.

Revolutionizing Medical Product Marketing

For a worldwide impact in pharmaceutical and medical technology product marketing, trust our expert translations. We specialize in precise technical translations of catalogs, tenders, websites, medical documentation, and package inserts, all delivered with linguistic finesse and cultural expertise.

Global Content for Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, CROs & Healthcare

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Medical Document Translation

Elevating our expertise through collaborations with international universities and renowned medical research institutes, we bring you the finest in medical document translation. Our native-speaking medical translators, in tandem with academics from technical and marketing backgrounds, ensure the impeccable rendering of medical content in foreign languages. All our medical translations adhere to the stringent DIN EN ISO 17100 translation standard. This commitment encompasses personalized project management, offering you a dedicated point of contact for your translation needs, followed by a meticulous proofreading process adhering to the four-eyes principle. Our certified translators will also be happy to provide you with a certification.


As a medical translation company with many years of experience, we stand for quality, punctuality and personal customer care. In close cooperation with our clients, we build a relationship of mutual trust that leads to successful project implementation. Discretion and data protection go without saying.


Depending on the parameters of your project, we will assign the appropriate medical translator from our staff. If required, we can also put together an entire team to increase the turnaround time from around 1500 words per day per translator. Technical terms can be saved and reused later.

Customer Service


Thanks to our extensive experience in the global healthcare market and our ISO certification allow us to guarantee the accuracy of our medical translations. Our client base includes medical practices, hospitals, sanatoriums, medical technology companies, federal ministries and medical research institutes.

Healthcare translations for global markets

Would you like to have a medical document translated? As a leading medical translation service, we seamlessly handle a wide range of document types. Whether it's translating medical literature, drug testing documents, patient and trial participant communications, or operating instructions for medical equipment, we have the right translators for you. Simply contact one of our project managers and get a personal consultation. We will gladly sign an NDA in advance.

Medical translations from a single source

The global medical research community and the international trade in medical products, including cutting-edge medical technology, demand precise communication. As a trusted medical translation service, we cover over 60 medical specialties. Whether it's translating from English to German, creating leaflets in French, or planning a Japanese trade fair presentation – our expert medical translators are ready to impress.

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