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Certified Japanese Translations: Bridging Cultures

As an Japanese translation service provider, Termbase offers professional translations in accordance with ISO 17100. Whether you need a legal, scientific or technical document translated, or an Japanese translation of a medical publication, ADV's Japanese translators can provide terminology-compliant translations for almost any subject area. In addition to specialist translations for business clients and institutions, we also provide certified translations of documents by sworn translators. Simply send us your text files or scans and receive a quote.


Do you need a certified translation Japanese to English or English to Japanese of official documents such as a school certificate, marriage certificate or birth certificate by a certified translator? Would you like to have a technical translation of operating instructions or a user manual edited by an Japanese translator? We would be more than pleased to assist you!


Our translation service also offers the translation of scientific papers as well as documents from the fields of medicine, medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Japanese translations of documents from tourism, marketing or finances, such as the translation of balance sheets, brochures, catalogues or websites, are also part of our expertise. Simply send us your files for a quote.

Customer Service


Legal translations round off our portfolio. Do you need the translation of a contract, divorce decree, business report or do you want to have your general terms and conditions translated into Japanese? Our ISO-certified translation agency will convince you with a professional Japanese translation for which we offer a quality guarantee.

Japanese localisation company with ISO certificate

Our Japanese translation agency is at your service for translations into countless language combinations. We have listed some of them here on the right, and you can simply tell our customer service team about others. Personal customer consultation before the start of each translation project as well as direct communication channels during the translation process ensure accurate results and a high level of customer satisfaction.

As you can see in the following article, the Japanese language is strongly influenced by cultural aspects in its correct use. For marketing texts in particular, we have therefore set up a separate department for a so-called transcreation. In this process, your texts are first analysed, the message intention extracted and then completely rewritten.

The language of our Japanese translators

Worth knowing: In total, the language of our Japanese translators consists of over fifty thousand characters, of which just under six thousand are used sporadically and three thousand in daily use. Characteristic of Japanese grammar is the absence of case, numerus, genus and articles. Thus, the plural is only used in exceptional cases. Even the subject is generally dispensed with in Japanese. The vocabulary thus consists of a series of words that have several meanings, the so-called homonyms. The respective meaning of these homonyms only emerges from the context of the sentence and the characters used. The form of politeness also varies according to the degree of acquaintance and relationship of the person addressed. The reference to one's own person changes according to the gender, age or social status of the speaker. In a Japanese-English translation, we rely on the broad experience of our Japanese translators from both cultural backgrounds in order to achieve accurate results through interpretative sensitivity.

Japanese Document Translation Services

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Wedding Certificate
  • Unmarried certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Testament, Last Will
  • Driving licence
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificate of descent
  • School Certificate
  • Other offical Documents
  • Contract
  • Patent
  • Balance Sheet
  • Business Report
  • Annual Report
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Verdict
  • Penalty order
  • Trade register extract
  • Financial document
  • Indictment
  • Expert report
  • Website
  • Online shop
  • Software
  • Games
  • IT texts
  • Source code
  • Meta tags
  • User manual
  • Instructions for use
  • Technical manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • Technical texts
  • Findings
  • Diagnosis
  • Clinical trial
  • Medical records
  • Medical literature
  • PhD-Thesis
  • Postdoctoral studies
  • Master thesis
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Marketing texts
  • Product marketing
  • Book translations